Resolved to do anything that sparks enthusiasm in my heart


2014, July 16: Cell Phones Suck

2013, July 9: Vacation and Travel Are Not the Same Thing

2013, July 8: A Very Special Fourth of July

2013, July 3: Cheers to Four Years of Bliss

2013, July 2: Committed to Memory: Mental Souvenirs

2013, July 1: Travel When You Are Young

2013, June 21: It’s Time to Write Again. 

2012, Aug. 30: How to Slow Down Time

2012, July 31: Airplane Etiquette and 8 Rejected Olympic Events

2012, June 14: 6 Must-See Places in Washington D.C.

2012, June 12: 6 Tools for Integrating Walking into Your Travels

2012, June 7: Mount Vernon: Who, What, Where, When, Why

2012, June 5: Traveling Solo: Why You Should Try It at Least Once 

2012,  May 31: 5 Ways to Entertain Yourself on a Long Car Ride

2012, May 29: Ridiculously Awesome Things I Have Seen This Month

2012, May 24: Washington D.C. Tour Leading: Skills Developed and Practiced

2012, May 10:  I Really Hate to Admit This…

2012, Apr. 24 : Chapel Hill, North Carolina: My Favorite Things

2012, Apr. 19: Outer Banks Bike Trip: Kitty Hawk to Ocracoke and Back Again

2012, Apr. 12: Best iPhone Camera Apps and Accessories for Travel Photography

2012, Apr. 10: Casting Call: Guest Blog Posts on Hong Kong, Costa Rica, and Travel

2012, Apr.  5:  A Local’s Guide to Pittsburgh: Best Place for Ice Cream

2012, Apr.   3: 5 Fun Things to Do in Philadelphia

2012, Mar. 29: Celebrate Spring: Washington D.C. Cherry Blossoms

2012, Mar. 27: Mythbusters: Travel Lies We Tell Ourselves

2012, Mar. 15: How to Stay Refreshed after a Long Flight

2012, Mar. 13: FareCompare Review: Find Trips around the World within Your Budget

2012, Mar.  8: 12 Movies That Inspire Me to Travel

2012, Mar.  6: How to Pack Like a Champion Using Ziplock Bags

2012, Mar.  2: Trip to Washington D.C. with Scholastica Travel Inc.

2012, Feb. 28: My Bucket List: Crossed, Crossing, and to Cross Off

2012, Feb. 23: An Unconventional Honeymoon Destination: Road Trip Out West

2012, Feb. 21: Cheap Weekend Getaways

2012, Feb. 16: How To Succeed at Being Anti-Social: Lessons from the Oil Birds of Trinidad

2012, Feb. 14: How Traveling Helps Me to Live a Happier and More Grateful Everyday Life

2012, Jan. 31: A Local’s Guide to Pittsburgh Two (Too) Extreme Road and Mountain Biking Events

2012, Jan. 26: Idea’s for Valentine’s Day: Planning a Trip for You and Your Sweetheart

2012, Jan. 24: Book Review: Rowing to Latitude

2012, Jan. 19: Facing My Fears: Salt Pier Night Dive in Bonaire

2012, Jan. 17: Surface Interval Fun: Above Water Adventures in Bonaire

2012, Jan. 12: What is the Best Credit Card for Travelers on a Budget?

2012, Jan. 10: How to Cross Off Your Travel Bucket List on a Budget

2012, Jan. 5: GoPro Hero2 Digital Camera Underwater Testing in Bonaire: Pictures and Video

2011, Dec. 30: A Local’s Guide to Pittsburgh: Best Place for Breakfast

2011, Dec. 27: Bonaire: Where Drive-Thrus Aren’t Just for Burgers

2011, Dec. 22: Why Travel over New Year’s?

2011, Dec. 20: A Local’s Guide to Pittsburgh: Best Place for Sushi

2011, Dec. 14: 4 Ways to Form Friendships While Traveling (And Sustain Them After)

2011, Dec. 8: How to Not Be ‘That Guy’: Faster Ways to Get Through Airport Security

2011, Dec. 6: A Local’s Guide to Pittsburgh: Introduction

2011, Dec. 1: Highly Recommended: What I Don’t Leave Home Without

2011, Nov. 29: How to Have a Blast in Bermuda Without Spending Your Life Savings

2011, Nov. 27: Crisis Averted

2011, Nov. 22: A reflection on “The Pilgrimage” by Paulo Coelho


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