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Cell Phones Suck

Cell Phones Suck

Remember when I said I would save my writing for stronger life convictions?

Cell phones suck!

Trust me, I know this is a trendy topic to talk about these days. Facebook “friends” love sharing videos like this one and articles like this one online. You know, with their cell phones.

My frustration peaked this past weekend, but it’s been building for over three years.

Cell phones suck the life out of life.

Cell Phones Suck the Fun Out of Travel

The best part of traveling is losing yourself in your surroundings. Allowing yourself to really feel awe or fear or wonder to its fullest extent and duration makes the trip worth it. That is why you travel right? To grow, to experience, to soak in.  Only by giving yourself fully to the present experience can you really be changed by it.

You tend to miss out on that when you are wasting your time crafting the perfect vignette/selfie to share on Instagram with people who could care less. #nofilter #gag

The sharing can wait.

I think this is why I initially balked at travel blogging, even in my own space. Granted many people do it well and can make a living out of it. Good for you guys.  If you can tweet every 5 minutes and the experience go untainted, more power to you. I enjoy your pictures but I can’t hang. I want to disconnect. I want to be alone with my thoughts. I want to be out of a phone network.  That is what makes travel an adventure and what makes it fun for me.

Cell Phones Suck

Seriously? photo:

Cell Phones Suck Precious Time Out of Your Life

“I’m so busy. There’s never enough time.”  “If only I had 2 more hours in my day.”

Sound familiar?

There is always time for the things that are important in your life. You lose that precious time every time you pick up your cell phone to check anything. 10 seconds becomes 10 minutes, over and over and over again.  You fall down the rabbit hole and form a habit. 10 minutes here, 10 minutes there, on repeat all day long. There goes those 3 hours a day you wanted to carve out to write that e-book.


Cell Phones Suck Joy Out of Relationships

“Is this phone time or family time?”

My husband has said this so often over the years that it has become a mantra. The phrase quickly serves up one dose conviction, and one dose humor, with a dash of shame. He’s always so efficient. 😉

There is so much truth in it, though. My frustration peaked this past weekend when my younger brother-in-laws (ages 21 and 18) incessantly used their cell phones ALL weekend. They lasted all of five minutes during family meals before pulling them out again. I’ll admit, my pregnancy hormone laden self got the best of me several times. I asked the youngest, ” Just WHAT is so interesting on there?” I also moved the older one’s cell phone off the table during dinner and he got pissed and threw it on the floor.  My kids are going to love me….

For the record, I’m not a Luddite. I’m guilty often. Why do you think my husband coined that phrase in the first place?

But every time a phone is taken out, the mood changes. You boldly say without speaking that the people around you are less important and that you stopped listening a long time ago. How many amazing memories were never created because of this seemingly innocent move? How many great conversations never happened with the people you care about sitting right next to you? How many moments have you missed because you had to tweet (to an audience who doesn’t care)?

The important people are the ones you are with right now. They should be at the center of your universe in those moments. These habits, inch by inch, will wear away at the strongest relationships.

Give your best to those you love.






2 responses

  1. 1.) Welcome back to the blogosphere
    2.) Thanks for the slap in the face
    3.) I need help – I’m addicted to my phone!
    4.) I love the Rices!

    July 17, 2014 at 6:04 AM

    • Doug-

      1.) I like to pop in every now and again
      2.) You are welcome.
      3.) It’s unfortunately all too real these days. What do you find most challenging? I personally find parting with the camera most challenging. I want to make sure I capture the moments. On trips, we bring the SLR and use an old school world phone which helps. But day to day, I still want to capture the small stuff too.
      4.) Likewise for the Smiths!

      July 17, 2014 at 9:53 AM

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