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Chapel Hill, North Carolina: My Favorite Things

Enjoying a gorgeous day at Jordan Lake

Our house just sold. The fleeting feelings of extreme excitement have been quickly replaced by heartache. I love Chapel Hill. Over the past three years, I have certainly found my nearby favorite things, places, and people that have made it my home. The fantastic weather, UNC sports, and the two hour drive to the beach are a given, but here are my other favorites:


  • Day Hike at Eno River

    Jordan Lake:  There are few better ways to spend a weekend than at the lake. Since we’ve lived here, we have taken sailing lessons and now are proud owners of a Hobie Cat and kayaks. Being on or around the water gives me peace and  immense happiness. Last Friday we went kayaking and saw FIVE great blue heron, all hunting for fish. 🙂

  • Dairyland Biking: It is tough to imagine a better place to bike than out on Dairyland road and the surrounding area. Rolling hills, smooth pavement(mostly), stretching farmland, and little traffic. Cars expect to see you and are respectful. I have a 50 mile route and can count the times I need to stop at lights on one hand. Glorious is an understatement.
  • Eno River State Park: Great place for leisurely day hikes.
  • Duke Gardens: Beautiful, active gardens and garden center. I have enjoyed volunteering at the gardens in the education department and recommend that you get involved!


  • Carolina Crunch at Maple View Farms

    Maple View Farm: Nothing beats homemade ice cream at the dairy. Carolina Crunch is my all-time favorite ice cream (sorry Ben & Jerry’s!)

  • Pint Night at Tyler’s: 95% of the glasses in my home are from Tyler’s. If I break a glass by accident, no worries. Back to Tyler’s I go.
  • Shiki Sushi: Blue Sea, Caterpillar, Superman, Marry, Woman in Red, Outer Banks, Toro, Toro, Toro, Special Maguro… I haven’t tasted a roll I didn’t like!
  • Carrburritos: Big burritos, fresh ingredients, punny name (It’s in Carrboro).
  • Mama Dip’s: Sweet potato biscuits. That is all.
  • Breadmen’s: Get the french toast with french bread. 🙂
  • Allen & Son’s: Best BBQ Ever.
  • Beer/Wine at Grocery Stores: I grew up in Pennsylvania, and will soon be moving back to Pittsburgh. The ability to buy beer and wine at a grocery store is a luxury I have yet to take for granted and will certainly miss. I will also miss being able to buy New Belgium beer, but am looking forward to the land of Yuengling.


  • NC Zoo

    North Carolina Zoo: I love the expansive layout, creative exhibits, and interspersing of artwork and bronze statues at this zoo. It would make for a gorgeous park alone!

  • NC Theatre: My husband and I are season ticket holders for the NC Theatre shows in Raleigh. Every performance has been extremely well done and truly deserving of the standing ovations received.
  • ASL Classes at Durham Tech: I am finishing the intermediate level American Sign Language class at Durham Tech. Let it be known that Raven Sheridan is one my favorite professors I have ever had, in any discipline. I have learned so much from her in such a short period of time and am very grateful!
  • Go Heels!!


Do you live in Chapel Hill or have visited? What are your favorite things that may not have made this list?


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