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Casting Call: Guest Blog Posts on Hong Kong, Costa Rica, and Travel

I am looking for writers to guest blog on Traveling Chicha while I am in Hong Kong and Costa Rica during June and July. Travel bloggers, photographers, and food bloggers welcome!

Although I will certainly write about my experiences when I return (or as internet access allows), I am reaching out to the travel community to add vibrancy to this blog by sharing their experiences in Costa Rica and Hong Kong.

I will publish a post each Tuesday and Thursday in June/July on the following:

  • Hong Kong/Costa Rica Travel: That is where I will be!
  • Hong Kong/Costa Rica Food: That is what I will be eating!
  • Hong Kong/Costa Rica Photos: That is what I will be taking!
  • General Travel Experiences: Compelling insights or personal travel reflections welcome. I hope to have them as well!

Preference will be given to posts on Hong Kong and Costa Rica. However, general travel writing may also be submitted and accepted. Post length should be between 250-600 words and include a relevant photo.

If you are interested, please email your idea(s) to me at . Please include Casting Call: Costa Rica, Casting Call: Hong Kong, or Casting Call: Travel in the subject line, as appropriate. All entries will be approved by me in advance. Your posts will introduce you as well as link to your blog or website.  All entries must be received by May 5, 2012 to be considered. Thank you, ahead of time, for your contributions! I am excited about this opportunity to further network with my readers and the blogging community.The Blissful Adventurer has already signed up!

All the Best,



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