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Trip to Washington D.C. with Scholastica Travel Inc.

At the Wall -- Vietnam Memorial

This past weekend I had the immense privilege of traveling to Washington D.C. with Scholastica Travel Inc. The trip was a blast! I feel so blessed to have seen authentic historical artifacts, to have walked where influential leaders have before me, and to have witnessed the memorials dedicated to great leaders of our country.  Washington D.C. still holds its place as one of my favorite cities in the world.

Two posts were published on the Scholastica Travel blog detailing where we went and what we saw.  I shot many of the photos (Nikon D300) on their FlickR page, which offers a play-by-play picture view of the trip along with informative details of each location. Please check it out!

Although I have traveled to Washington D.C. on numerous occasions, there were several things I did this trip that enriched the experience. These include:

Revel in ‘Real’: This trip I made a conscious effort to revel in the authenticity of what I was viewing. I can comprehend when something is a replica, but the concept of the real thing can often be difficult to grasp. It’s hard to imagine that in one weekend I saw personal belongings of Holocaust victims, the inaugural dress worn by Jackie Kennedy, and the gun that killed Abraham Lincoln. I stood where John Adams sat in the Old Hall of the House and where Martin Luther King Jr. spoke “I have a dream”.

Read Ahead: It is always on my to-do list before a trip. Read about the culture, the location, the history.  Unfortunately, it soon becomes read the week before, on the plane, or while I’m there.  This trip, however, I made it a point to read ahead of time. Each monument, statue, and building took on greater significance as I thought about the symbolism behind the design and the great men and women who inspired it.

Go on Foot:  The best way to see Washington D.C. is by walking, no exceptions. This trip we walked from 8AM to almost 10PM. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. It is a truly beautiful city and the monuments, museums, and parks are located very close to each other. The city just isn’t the same through a car or bus window.

Go with a Professional: I traveled through Washington D.C. this weekend with numerous professional tour leaders. Not only was their company and guidance very welcome, but I learned a great amount just from hearing their stories! Each knew intriguing and hilarious historical tales that you can’t find in brochures.  For example, did you know that there is a house on Embassy Row with cat sculptures built into the architecture? That takes a cat obsession to a whole new level!

Trip Photos:

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Have you been to Washington D.C.? What has enriched your experience? What are your favorite things to do or see in Washington D.C.? Comment below!


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