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Ideas for Valentine’s Day: Planning a Trip for You and Your Sweetheart

Skiing 7th Heaven at Blackcomb

Break away from the expected flowers and chocolates this Valentine’s Day. Trade jewelry for photos that will make you smile.

1000 Words
In my opinion, the best gifts are wrapped up in quality time and photos to reminisce over. Whether giving or receiving, I have always preferred gifts that provide an experience. Think concert tickets, painting classes, and museum/zoo memberships.  Don’t get me wrong, chocolate and flowers are great. Unfortunately, they are fleeting (especially the chocolates!). This Valentine’s Day, I encourage you to get away with your significant other on a mini-vacation. Do something memorable. Set 2012 apart. You will never forget what you experience when you travel.

Excuse Me
Valentine’s Day offers a great excuse to take a 3- or 4- day weekend. Don’t let the opportunity slip away! Get out and cross something off the bucket list.

Surprise Party
I highly suggest that if you are the one doing the planning to keep the destination a total surprise. Tell your significant other to pack a bag for 3 days (or however many you are going), and that they will find out where you are going when you get there. Let them pack for both warm and cold weather. Keep them guessing and egg on their curiosity!

Think Tank

  • Cabin Weekend: Pick a cabin, any cabin, but get yourself to the mountains. There are few things more refreshing than mountain air and a break away from the city. Get outdoors and hike, snowshoe, or cross-country ski. Then come back to the cabin to snuggle by the fire and drink cocoa.  Opt for s’mores in the fire instead of chocolate covered strawberries. Sound good? There are tons of cabin rental services in Tennesee, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.
  • Niagara Falls: What’s not to love about a gigantic cascading waterfall in the winter? David and I spent Valentine’s Day at Niagara Falls in 2006 and had a fantastic time enjoying the icy landscape. There are a number of great restaurants around the area, including Copacabana, a Brazilian steakhouse. Although not wanting for entertainment, we spent the majority of our time in Niagara Falls hiking around and walking through the snow. We’re fresh air people!
  • Orlando: Mickey and Minnie, Ron and Hermione, Miss Piggy and Kermit, Aladdin and Jasmine. Spend Valentine’s Day with your favorite couples enjoying the magic that the many parks of Orlando offer. Take the Boardwalk from Disney’s Hollywood Studies and play the carnival games. Dine at Cinderella’s Castle.

To The Max:
Flying? Maximize your trip time by taking an early morning or red-eye flight. Don’t worry; the fatigue will pass with your second (or fourth) cup of coffee. You will be rewarded with another full day of photos and memories.  We spent Valentine’s weekend in Whistler, British Columbia in 2011. That second day of fresh powder was certainly worth the red-eye home!

Pictures from Valentine’s Day Trips spent in Niagara Falls (2006) and Whistler (2011):

Have you traveled for Valentine’s Day? Where did you go? Where are you scheming to go this year? I want to hear your stories! Please share below.


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