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Why Travel over New Year’s?

Why Do I Travel over New Year’s?

Most choose to spend New Year’s Eve with friends or family. I travel. Here’s why:

End on a High Note:  Traveling during December-January gives me something to look forward to all year. What better way to end the year than by being somewhere you have never been?

Start Off Right: What better way to start the year than by doing something new? By traveling over New Year’s, you have already distinguished this year from every other. This jumpstarts your resolutions and renews enthusiasm for the year ahead.

Spend Consciously:  Traveling at the end of the year adds focus to my spending. Once one trip is finished, I am diligently planning and saving for my next plane ticket. Booking a ticket in the spring for the upcoming December not only guarantees a substantially cheaper rate, but also provides a jolt of excitement and motivation to be cost conscious.  I constantly evaluate all purchases in light of my upcoming trip. Is this purchase necessary? Does it bring me closer to my goal or farther from it?

Work It Out:  Extend the time that you are ‘expected’ to be away from work to accommodate a trip. Almost all coworkers take time off between the dates of December 24 – January 2. At the very least, business has slowed down. In addition, everyone experiences a post-holiday lethargy.  Traveling during the first week of January maximizes vacation time but minimizes impact at work.   Hit the ground running when you get back and you won’t have missed a thing.

Where Have I Been for New Year’s?

Munich, Germany, 2010: The best word to describe New Year’s in Munich: INCREDIBLE. Having visited the biergartens earlier in the day, we ventured to the Olympic stadium for what we thought was a low-key fireworks display. Wrong! New Year’s Eve fireworks in Europe are not the traditional show put on by the city as in the United States. It was a free for all! We climbed to the top of a hill to witness 360⁰ of firework anarchy, and mourn the fact that we had not also purchased our own artillery shells.

Caye Caulker, Belize, 2009: The best word to describe New Year’s in Caye Caulker: relaxed. Strung with festive lights, bars and restaurants remain open well after midnight to entertain guests. Capitalizing on the lack of an open container policy, we took our drinks from dinner to beach chairs and listened to music from the nearby bar.

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, 2007: The best word to describe New Year’s in Port-of-Spain: boring! Primarily a family holiday in Trinidad, New Year’s Eve left the streets of Port-of-Spain desolate. After walking for several miles, we were able to find only one establishment open in the city. Defeated, we returned to our hostel for an anti-climactic Auld Lang Syne.

Where Will I Be for New Year’s?

Bonaire, 2011: This year we will be on a diving trip in Bonaire. Stay tuned for an upcoming Trip Preview Post!

Thoughts? Where will you spend New Year’s this year? Next year? Comment below!


3 responses

  1. Barbara Rice

    Great suggestions. I think we will start planning a trip for next New Years.

    December 22, 2011 at 10:50 AM

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