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A Local’s Guide to Pittsburgh: Introduction

'Three Sisters' bridges, photo courtesy of

Pittsburgh has been lauded considerably this year (see below).  As a Pittsburgh native and alumna of Carnegie Mellon University, I  know what it means to ‘bleed black and gold’, how to drive ‘dahntahn’, and that everything tastes better with Heinz ketchup. This weekly feature will cover the places and events that aren’t found in a guidebook, including those hole-in-the-wall restaurants that only a local would know. Stay tuned!

2011 Accolades:

One of the 20 Best Places in the World to Visit (National Geographic Traveler Magazine)

#1 Most Livable City in America (Economist Intelligence Unit)

29th Most Livable City worldwide (Economist Intelligence Unit)

#1 Best City to Relocate to in America (CNBC)

One of the Most Affordable Cities in the World (Mercer)

6th Most Affordable City in the US (Forbes Magazine)

One of the 10 Hottest Areas for Jobs (

Home of 5 Fortune 500 Companies

6th Best City for Sports (Sporting News)

Home of the first LEED certified National Hockey League arena

One of the 6 Best Cities to Kayak (National Geographic Traveler)

Home to one of America’s Coolest City Parks (Travel + Leisure)

Home of the 4th Safest Airport in the US (Travel + Leisure)

One of the Most Affordable Airports in the United States (

One of the 10 Best Airports for Kids (

Home of the 4th Best Area for Working Mothers (Forbes Magazine)

One of the 10 Best Children’s Hospital in the Country (US News and World Report)

Home to the Best Park for Families (National Amusement Park Historical Association)

Home of the 7th Best Children’s Museum (Parents Magazine)

One of the 5 Best Places to Retire (US News & World Report)


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